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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1. What is an ebook?

An ebook is on a secure website that allows a user to access information in a book style format. It is an electronic download that is instantly delivered and saved onto your local computer.

2. Do I always have to be connected to the internet to view the ebook?
No. Once you download the book from the download page, you save it to your computer and you can access it at any time.

3. I have a dial up connection; can I still order your ebook?
Depending on the speed of your connection, a dial up will take longer than a high speed connection, please be patient.

4. Can I print out a copy?
Yes. You can print out a copy of our ebook. This is not only permissible but recommended.

5. I forgot my password.
If you’ve forgotten your password to open your ebook, please send an email to and please provide us with your invoice receipt number from Paypal.

6. I have a Macintosh, can I still download your ebook?
Yes. As long as you have Adobe pdf viewer you can download and view my ebook.

7. What format does the ebook come in?
The format of the ebook is in Adobe, if you do not have Adobe Reader please go to the following link to download it now

About my bonuses:

How will I receive my bonuses?
Your bonus documents will be delivered to you in an email within minutes of ordering your book.

What happens to my bonuses if I request a refund for my e-book?
They are yours to keep.



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