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"I have found your site very interesting & informative! We have plently of minerals in our water and that is why i needed your help. The tips you gave me are being used to to clean my kettles and such. I thank you for such a great site!!"

P Taylor, Australia

"May I take the opportunity to thank you for the ebook on removing hard water stains. I have found it invaluable and I have been able to remove all of my stains in my bathroom and on my windows using your step by step guide."

J. Hunt , USA

"Patrick, I've just been cleaning my bathroom with some of the formulas in your ebook. I have been able to easily remove alot of stains that in the past I have found very difficult to remove. Thank you."

P Gormley, New Zealand






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"Learn My Secret Formula That Absolutely Eliminates Limescale and Put a Sparkling Shine on Your Old Taps and Fixtures - Never Have to Replace Them Again!"

PLUS - Learn The Blueprint Techniques That I Personally Use To Guarantee My Limescale Removal And Make It Completely Disappear Not In Hours... But In Minutes!


FROM: Patrick Henry

Dear Limescale Sufferer,

Have you pulled your hair out trying to find a simple solution to remove those annoying limescale and hard water stains?

Have you been looking to remove them from your showers, glass, toilets, tubs, carpets, kettles, taps and sinks with something that is completely guaranteed to work…isn't outrageously priced, and found nothing...?

Well you’re not alone!

And I absolutely refuse to pay those outrageous prices for another one of those
products that just simply doesn’t work.

Well...I'd like to introduce "Hard Water Stains Removal Secrets Revealed"

Hard Water Sains Removal Secrets Revealed Ebook

In searching for a solution to your limescale stains I bet you’ve personally experienced one or all of the following:

checkwasted hundreds of dollars only to see limescale return.

checkpurchased a limescale remover that could poison your children or pets.

checksearched for and not found a simple solution made from household items and saves you all that time and frustration.

checkthe cost of replacing expensive fixtures and fittings.

checklooked for an environmentally safe solution to remove your limescale that can be simply flushed down the toilet after you’ve finished.

If you can relate to any of the above statements then you need to read every word on this page because in a minute I will teach you exactly what you need to do step by step to completely remove those limescale stains!

Believe me…I’ve wasted hundreds of dollars
replacing my taps!

I wasted countless hours that eventually turned into days trying this and that until enough was enough. So I decided to take some action and make up my own formulas using ingredients that I found in my cupboard at home.

I can honestly say it took me months to complete and test my formulas – some made it some didn’t, I just had to be sure they measured up to my high standards.

I lost track of how many toilets, sinks and showers I cleaned trying them out (poor me)….my family and friends were happy though, you’ll see why!

I kept on experimenting with the formulas and trying them out, tweaking here and tweaking there, discarding the bad ones and working harder on the good ones. Eventually I came up with my tried and tested formulas for removing limescale in five easy to follow steps.

Finally I was happy and satisfied that I had discovered the answer to my problems on how to remove limescale stains.

I am now satisfied that I have come up with not only the best but the easiest to follow solution to your hard water stain and limescale removal on the internet.

I knew with my past experience in the water cleaning industry that the contents of those fancy products were based on common items found all around our homes.

That’s when I decided it was time to make superior and easy to follow formulas than those already available on the internet.

My years of experience in the water cleaning industry has paid off!

In a few minutes time you too can benefit from the killer formulas that will guarantee you will have shiny, sparkling taps!

What you need is real tips and sound advice, so you can figure out how to:

  1. Remove even the most stubborn limescale and hard water stains without any expensive products in 30 minutes using a simple step-by-step proven method.
  2. Make surfaces literally sparkle like new and eliminate your embarrassment when inviting friends round by removing those unsightly stains.
  3. Use a completely natural solution that is eco-friendly with no irritating or harmful chemicals that may poison your children or pets.
  4. Discover the secrets to a formula that saves you hundreds of dollars and hours and hours of your time removing limescale.
  5. Relax in the knowledge that all the ingredients are common household items and doesn’t require someone with a chemistry degree to make.
  6. Benefit from a specific proven formula that has worked time and time again and reduced much stress and frustration.
  7. Discover the thrill of knowing the easy peasy way of removing all of your hard water stains and limescale instantly.
  8. Reduce your cleaning time and spend more of your time with friends and enjoying the good things in life.
  9. No longer have to replace expensive fixtures and fittings and waste time with useless products.
  10. Save money by removing the limescale caused by hard water from the elements of your kettle.
  11. Learn how to eradicate hard water stains and limescale from your carpets and rugs.
  12. Impress your friends with your in depth knowledge of hard water issues.
  13. Easily avoid the potentially irritating effects of toxic chemicals.
  14. Enjoy surfaces that literally dazzle with a fantastic shine after blasting away all your hard water stains.
  15. Discover the one factor that will guarantee the safe removal of hard water stains and limescale no matter how stubborn they are.
  16. Discover the results-driven secrets of removing hard water stains and what really works.
  17. Learn the most overlooked fact guaranteed to make you a bona fide hard water stain removal expert!
  18. Find out how to develop killer formulas that will have those hard water stains and limescale begging for mercy.
  19. Avoid using harsh abrasives that will gradually scratch the finish of sinks, bathtubs and polished surfaces.
  20. Avoid using bleach that will eventually dull the shiny finish of porcelain surfaces.
  21. Discover the useful tips to minimize the harmful effects of hard water around your home.
  22. Learn the 7 simple and effective ways to determine whether you have hard water in your home.
  23. Discover how to test the hardness of the water coming directly into your home.
  24. Learn about the amazing health issues surrounding hard water as well as its possible health benefits.
  25. Find out specific regional information about hard water areas in the US, Canada, UK and Australia.
  26. Eliminate hard water entirely by learning the insider secrets that can soften your domestic water supply.
  27. Compare all of the possible ways to improve your water supply and determine which one is suitable for your home.
  28. Discover the surprisingly easy way of installing one simple device that will enhance the quality of your water supply immediately.

Here are a few words from some satisfied
customers who have completely removed hard water stains and limescale using my formula…

Dear Patrick,

I used to hang towels over my shower screen to hide the embarrassing limescale stains that you could clearly see when you walked into my bathroom, not any more since I tried your amazing formulas in Hard Water Stain Removal Secrets Revealed e-book.

Sarah from New York


Dear Patrick,

I just wanted to let you know that I feel a lot less embarrassed and a lot happier when inviting my friends around since purchasing your Hard Water Stain Removal Secrets Revealed e-book, which helped me to remove all of the limescale that were making my toilet look as if I hadn’t cleaned it for weeks…but now it’s gleaming like new!

Thank you,
George from Manchester, England


How much will Hard Water Stain Removal Secrets Revealed cost me?

We’ll get to that in a minute but first think about this…

Just imagine in a short while you will have effortlessly been able to shine all your fixtures, fittings and taps with a lot less effort than you expected.

What’s even better is that you know for a fact that you will be completely happy knowing that your fixtures, fittings and taps will start to look like brand new simply by applying the blueprint techniques that I have skillfully learned and put into my easy to read step by step complete limescale and hard water stain removal system.

Now stop and look back on today….considering that you’ve shined up your bathroom taps and you no longer have hard water stains and limescale around your tub drain, what price tag would have made this a good investment?

For example:

    You can get a professional cleaning company that charges $80 - $100 per hour to come and remove your limescale.

    Or how about purchasing a poisonous chemical or product at $15 a pop that could potentially poison your children and pets.

    Or maybe purchase a potentially environmentally unsafe product that is harmful to the environment at $25.

    Or how about replacing expensive fixtures and fittings at $30 -$50…how much would that cost you?

That could be $600 dollars or more, but no I won’t charge you that for my Hard Water Stain Removal Secrets Revealed System. Based on all this information I could charge you $600 but I am willing to take all of the risk myself!

I am so confident in my Hard Water Stain Removal Secrets Revealed System that I want you to have it for just $17… that’s all!

Over the course of a single year this breaks down to 5 cents a day! Isn’t it worth 5 cents a day to have shiny brilliant taps and fixtures and no longer be embarrassed when your friends and guests come over? Of course it is!!!

Claim your copy today and I’ll throw in these valuable bonuses for free…

Bonus # 1: The Complete Wine Stain Removal Guide

Discover the absolute necessary steps that you have to take immediately when the red wine hits the carpet; otherwise you will never get rid of the stain.

($57 value…Yours free!)

Bonus # 2: 25 Tips for Food Stain Removal

This report contains everything you’ll need to know to successfully safely and naturally remove all types of food stains including chocolate, juices, mustard, tomato, milk, tea and coffee from clothes and carpet/upholstery.

($47 value…Yours free!)

Bonus # 3: The Amazing Pet Stain Removal Secrets Handbook

Learn about the simple and effective ways to remove pet stains from hardwood floors, carpet, upholstery and leather using inexpensive ingredients that leave a fresh clean scent.

($49 value…Yours free!)

Bonus # 4: An Easy to Use Conversion Chart

By using this powerful guide you’ll be able to easily convert into units of measurement you are familiar with… in seconds.

($27 value…Yours free!)

Total Value of Bonuses $180

You’re fully protected by my 90 day,
100% Money Back Guarantee

I’m so confident that my Hard Water Stain Removal system will do nothing but impress that I am offering a 90 day, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

If after you implement my powerful Hard Water Stain Removal Secrets Revealed system and are not completely satisfied simply email us saying why this system did not work for you and you will be promptly issued with a 100% refund.

And no matter what you decide you will keep learning about the secrets to Hard Water Stain and Limescale Removal.

It’s just my way of saying thank you for giving me your trust. As I said before, this introductory offer may be pulled at any time, so I urge you not to hesitate.

With the 90 day guarantee that I’m offering you have absolutely nothing to lose except the limescale stains!

You are only a mouse click away from completely dissolving your limescale for good.

You could spend years walking into your bathroom each and every day looking at your hard water stains faucets like I did in search of what works and what doesn’t work. But doesn’t it make a lot more sense to skip the learning curve and completely dissolve the limescale for good.

Hard water stains aren't complicated, but like anything else, you have to start learning somewhere. Hopefully we'll put you on the right path to becoming a hard water stain expert!

Take action today and click on the Paypal button below and use the exact step by step system that I have taught to hundreds of satisfied limescale and hard water stain customers.

Claim your copy of Hard Water Stain Removal Secrets Revealed in the next 5 minutes!

Click above to order with your credit card via our secure server



P.S.: Remember, you've got nothing to lose by giving "Hard Water Stain Removal Secrets Revealed" a try at only $17.00. If you're not absolutely amazed by each and every formula you make over the next month, I'll happily give you your money back -- and you can keep all 4 of the free bonuses!

P.P.S.: By the way, I will be raising the price to $67 very soon, so now is the best time to try the program. If you don't absolutely LOVE the course, for any reason, just let me know and I'll refund every penny. AND you can keep every one of the bonuses as a gesture of good will. It's my way of saying, "thanks for giving it a try"!

Tip of the Week!

Prairie provinces (mainly Saskatchewan and Manitoba) contain high quantities of calcium and magnesium, often as dolomite, which are readily soluble in the groundwater that contains high concentrations of trapped carbon dioxide from the last glaciation. In these parts of Canada, the total hardness in mg/L calcium carbonate equivalent frequently exceeds 200 mg/L, if groundwater is the only source of potable water. Some typical values are: Calgary 165 mg/L, Saskatoon < 140 mg/L, Toronto 121 mg/L, Vancouver < 5 mg/L, Charlottetown PEI 140 - 150 mg/L



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