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Soft water is essentially free of dissolved calcium or magnesium. A
small percentage of homes are supplied with naturally soft water.
But since naturally soft water usually has not been neutralised by
passing through mineral layers in the ground, it can be quite

Softening water mechanically, such as with a home water
softener, does not make it corrosive, however. Since calcium and
magnesium are not present in soft water, no adverse reaction with
soaps and detergents occurs.

The result is the virtual elimination of soap scum and the
corresponding reduction in time spent cleaning. Hair and skin can
"breathe" more readily.

And the School of Consumer & Family Sciences at Purdue University
conducted a study which proved that the life of clothing and
household textiles was prolonged up to 15 percent when they were
washed in conditioned water.

Soap usage can be dramatically reduced with soft water. Since the
water is already soft, the cleaning agents have no hardness
minerals to react with and overcome and lather more readily and
work more effectively.

In fact, a large proportion of the ingredients in most soaps and
detergents consist of chemical "water softeners" added to prevent
the reaction between the detergent and the hardness minerals present
in most water (the reaction that forms a sticky residue or soap

Since such chemicals are not necessary for cleaning with soft
water, less soap is required. Soft water households experience
considerable savings on laundry detergent, dishwashing detergent,
bath soap, hand soap, shampoo and many other cleaning products.

Since soft water contains no scale forming minerals, it leaves the
inside of plumbing and water-using appliances free of solidified

Appliances operate more efficiently and last longer when
using soft water, and of course soft water does not cause any of
those unpleasant hard water stains.





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