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Why Is Water So Important To Us

Water, Health & the Human Body

We can live for weeks without food but only days without water.
Water plays a huge role in our everyday lives. We bathe in it,
brush our teeth with it, wash our clothes with it and clean our
dishes with it. We swim in water and sprinkle our lawns with it.

We wash our cars, trucks, vans, bikes and boats with water. We drink
it, cook with it, make orange juice with it and mix baby formula
with it. Industries use water in manufacturing processes. As a
matter of fact, there's a little water in just about everything.

But more importantly, there's water in you. Between 55 and 65
percent of the human body is made up of water! And the younger you
are, the more water your body contains.


- Regulates body temperature
- Serves as a solvent for minerals, vitamins, amino acids, glucose and other small molecules, aiding their assimilation into the body
- Carries oxygen to all parts of the body
- Lubricates the areas around our joints (especially important for athletes, people with arthritis and those with chronic musculoskeletal problems)
- Is necessary for chemical reactions in the body
- Acts as a shock absorber inside the eyes and spinal cord
- Removes the waste products of our metabolic processes

Look at how much of our bodies is made up of water!
- Our blood is 83% water.
- Our brain is 75% water.
- Our muscles are 76% water.
- Our liver is 70% water.
- Our kidneys are 82% water.
- Our skin is 70% water.
- Our bones are 22% water.
- Even our fat is 20% water.

It seems that people are more health-conscious than ever, and water
plays an important role in keeping us healthy and functioning

Since our bodies are about two-thirds water, the quality
of the water that we put into our bodies is extremely important.
Doesn't it make sense to replenish all of our bodies' vital organs,
bones and tissues with the best water we can?

Talk to people about the importance of drinking water, and they
will invariably share that they get their daily requirement of
water from tea, coffee, juices, alcoholic beverages or other

But drinking eight or more glasses of water (2.5 litres)
each day refers to drinking water only. Coffee contains caffeine,
which, like alcohol, is a diuretic that can actually strip water
from the body.

Fruit juices contain sugar that can hamper the absorption of water
by the body. No beverage provides the fluid our bodies need each
day like water.

Most people don't get enough water in their diets because they're
turned off by the taste or are unsure of the quality of the water
they are drinking.







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